TME SuperBlast 4.0

Automated Mold Cleaning

TME SuperBlast 4.0

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Milan Sindelar, Managing Director of TME

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Milan Sindelar, Managing Director


Features and Benefits

TME SuperBlast 4.0 is highly efficient and trusted solution

TME SuperBlast 4.0 is highly efficient and flexible solution

3x Times Reduced Downtime compared to off-line cleaning

Dry Ice Automated Cleaning – currently best on-line mold cleaning method in terms of operating cost and efficiency

CryonomicTM Cleaning Technology providing high efficiency and low dry ice consumption – widely accepted by major tire manufacturers


On top of that TME SuperBlast 4.0 is offering

User friendly Operator’s Interface – simple selection of cleaning formula, adjustable cleaning parameters for maximum efficiency and productivity

Increased Safety avoiding manual above head cleaning and reducing noise

Attractive Return On Investment: 1 – 2 years depending on the size of operation

Technical Specification

Automated Robotic

TME SuperBlast 4.0 Automated Robotic

Fanuc LR Mate 200iD

Full 360° rotation enables complete round cleaning

Minimal open press clearance 700 mm

Tire size range 13 - 24“ (depending on the actual size and press/container configuration)

CryonomicTM Dry Ice

TME SuperBlast 4.0 Cryonomic<sup>TM</sup> Dry Ice

CryonomicTM dry ice cleaning technology:

30 kg hopper capacity

60 kg/h dry ice consumption (25-90 kg/h adjustable flow)

6-8 bar compressed air (1-6.5 cbm per min)

Integrated control by machine’s PLC

Works best with 3 mm standard-size pellets; Use of 0.3 mm microparticles optional

Mobile and Compact

TME SuperBlast 4.0 Mobile and Compact

24 V DC battery powered self-propelled cart equipped with a 3m wired remote control *

Compact size 2,700 x 1,000 x 2,300 mm (L x W x H) *

Long reach 3,000 mm vertical, 1,500 mm horizontal *

* For information only. Actual machine designed to customer's specification.



The TME SuperBlast 4.0 robotic online dry ice cleaner is developed in co-opeartion with these partner companies:



Design according to user requirements



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